2021: Battered and Bruised

Well here we are, January 2, 2021. 366 days of 2020 left us battered and bruised. (Yes, it was a leap year) It hit us in the face with a shovel and left us for dead. We lifted our head from the puddle of drool and raised a glass to 2021.

We’re so full of hope and positivity for 2021. Yes, 2020 almost killed us but that just led to a generation of people who realized we are warriors. We have LITERALLY endured the worst. We looked terror right in the eyes, put on our masks, and turned the terror into a joke. That’s the only way we made it though. We had to have a sense of humor about all the nonsense happening around us. It made us braver, stronger, resilient, and wiser.

To recap our 2020, it went like this, wedding > birthday party > spring break > quarantine > new church (yay!) > autumn > Christmas. This year we spent a lot of time with family. We didn’t travel much but that’s okay. We made new friends. We had new experiences. I embarked on a new side hustle journey.

This entry is short and sweet but I had to start the year off somewhere. So here it is, we’re saying goodbye to the worst year ever and raising a glass to HOPEFULLY better days ahead.

Go crush your goals. Go start that business. Go do that first work out. The year is yours to own and conquer.

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