Cheers to 3 Years

Once upon a time ago I started a blog. I had lots of stuff swarming around in my head and I needed a place I could put it and share it with the world…. part of the world… a tiny fraction of the world. Nobody reads this. The point is that it was here for my benefit and my freedom. So now that I’ve accidentally paid for another year… let’s saddle up and get ready for year 3.

I’ve attempted to make cute flat lays and tell you how I get organized. That was a no go. I’m no hip influencer, I’ll tell you that RIGHT NOW.

I’ve shared the heartache that is the world of Disney movies. Thanks a bunch, Coco. I’m scarred for life.

I’ve posted inspiration and was even one of the hundreds— nay, THOUSANDS of people who said 2020 would be our year. We had such hope. How sad.

Now that 2020 has taken a huge poop on all our hopes and dreams, we can pick up what’s left of our dignity and limp on into the sunset.

Yes, we’ve been hit in the face with a shovel and left for dead and yet we keep on coming back for more. Well, that’s me. Back for more and I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing. I’m not cool and hip enough to always be organized and share all of my organizing tricks (there aren’t any). I’m not sure where this blog will lead me this year but after trying to be a cool, hip mom— I’ve decided to embrace my inner weird awkwardness that seems to entertain and delight people. I did it for 2 years and we are diving face first into year #3.

To the people (well… one PERSON.. Maria) reading this, I will ATTEMPT to post more often and with purpose but if you haven’t already figured it out… that may not happen. But come along for the ride!

So let’s raise a glass to my little blog. Like a small dinghy out to conquer the mighty ocean, I’m here. Steady as she goes.

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