Isla is 4!

Back in March we celebrated Isla’s 4th birthday! Why did I wait so long to blog about it? Distractions. COVID-19, life, family, uncertainty of what is happening around us. It rattles you. I’ve gotten back on track with my blog schedule but realized I left a very important one out.

Isla’s birthday!

Peep Max in the very back with a party hat on!

Originally I had planned on having her birthday party at my house but as Texas weather likes to do…. it got windy so we made a last minute decision to have it at the great house my family has access too called Headquarters. It’s a lovely home on Golf Course with a beautiful covered courtyard.

I showed up the night before to decorate and get it all set up! Since I procrastinated and only gave myself a week to plan her party, I had to hustle to get everything ready to go.

Isla loves cats and dogs and so I dug around online and found printouts for a Pet Adopting Party. How cute, right?! Thank you PrinterFairy and A Simple Life and Everything Nice for having printouts available! It literally made my life so so simple!

I bought these items off of Amazon:

• Stuffed Dogs

• Stuffed Cats

• Pet stickers

• Simple birthday decor

• Wooden tags

• Gable Treat Boxes

I went to my local Dollar General, where they have a lovely selection of brightly colored table cloths, and grabbed one of every color. I used card tables to make little work stations and got everything sorted and ready. We hung the banners, tied balloons, and Isla rounded up her favorite stuffed animal friends to join us at the party and we were done!

It was so much fun watching Isla’s little friends come and choose their puppy to adopt. They went from station to station making collars, giving their pet check ups, and decorating little houses. At the end everybody got a certificate with their pets name and it was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

Our friends and family came to celebrate and have a good time. I always enjoy when there is a big crowd of people to mingle in. Tino’s family and my family all get along really well (thank you JESUS!) and my friends are all really cool and fun to be around. Everybody got along, no tension, no awkwardness… just fun. And that’s what it’s all about, right??

This was really the quickest and simplest party I’ve done for Isla. Let me clarify that I’m EXTRA so this qualifies as simple for me. Haha! Sorry, guys! But really, I placed a quick order on Amazon, went to the dollar store for some quick decor/frames, bought some pizza, and I was done. The kiddos loved it and Isla had a good time making memories with her friends and family.

I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures of special occasions, mostly because I’m busy chit chatting with people around me and enjoying my time. I am very glad I took the pictures I did and a special thank you to my sister for taking Isla outside and snapping some birthday pics for me.

Our sweet girl is 4 and I thank God every day for giving her to us and sending the special people in our life who love her too. We loved gathering to celebrate our special girl and I’m very thankful we were able to do this before we were banished to our homes for the next several weeks.

Everything I purchased/used from Amazon, Etsy, or A Simple Life and Everything Nice blog has been linked so you can have an adorable pet party too!

Happy {late} Birthday, Isla!

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