Summer and Pool Essentials

It’s finally May and it’s starting to heat up outside. Can I get a hallelujah?? My favorite time of year is summer time. Being at the pool, firecrackers, s’mores, the smell of sunscreen in the air, and snow cones. I love it all. My family is pretty close so it’s not out of the ordinary to throw on our swimsuits and hit the pool 4 or 5 times a week. We’re a pretty large group of people once you include nieces, nephews, siblings, and parents so going swimming is an event.

Isla enjoying the pool. Summer 2019

As I have learned throughout the year, it’s always a good idea to be packed and ready in case I get the call that we’re gonna go to the pool. I don’t like to have to scramble to get things thrown into a bag and since we swim pretty often, keeping the pool bag packed just makes more sense and saves me time.

Having a perfectly packed pool bag is truly an art because you never want to over pack because 9 times out of 10 I’m the one hauling the gigantic bag around with 26 pairs of goggles and the entire laundry hamper worth of towels. Nope. Not again. I’m done playing the trial and error game. This year we’re keeping it simple and I know what I need to be 100% prepared for a full day in the sun.

Sunscreen – Anytime you’re outside you need to be wearing sunscreen. That goes for you and your little loves. An impromptu trip to the park doesn’t have to end with an uncomfortable sunburn. Protect their sensitive skin!

Lip balm – Speaking of sensitive skin, have you ever sunburned your lips?? Yes, it’s possible and YES, it hurts! I have found 2 high SPF lip balms that I recommend. They are SunBum SPF and Banana Boat SPF. Nothing says miserable more than crispy lips from the hot desert sun.

• Sunglasses – While we’re protecting our skin and lips, go ahead and toss on some sunglasses to protect those baby blues, greens, and brown eyes.

Wet brush – These are truly heaven sent. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, I’ll tell you. Wet Brushes look like regular brushes but the bristles are very very spaced apart, thin, and really flexible. They make brushing through wet hair a breeze.

Detangle spray – If your little mermaid’s hair needs help releasing some after pool tablets, you’re definitely going to want some detangle spray. My favorite one is Berry Awesome by Suave!

• Leave in conditioner – To help keep my hair fight the damages of chlorine, I always try to remember to put a bit of leave in conditioner or argon oil on my hair when I get out of the water.

Lotion – Nobody likes ashy skin after swimming. Moisturize!

• Goggles – every kid loves goggles. They don’t even have to be expensive. Grab you some goggles from the dollar store and go.

• Towels – there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who get new towels every year and those who keep their towels forever. Check out those holes!

• Rubber bands / hair ties – secure that hair in an easy side braid and call it a day after swimming until your toes wrinkle up!

• Wet bag – wet bags are perfect for storing wet swimsuits so they don’t soggy up everything inside your pool bag.

These are the basics that I have to have all the time packed and ready to go. On the occasions I do have a little extra time to prep, I grab some extra items that make our outside time a little more enjoyable. If I know a day or 2 in advance,

Stroller Fan – In west Texas it can get up to 105° outside. A small fan is great to help circulate some air on those hot days.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker – because who doesn’t like to listen to music while you’re swimming?? These speakers are great because they’re waterproof so they’re safe if they get splashed.

• Snacks – Nothing hits the spot better than a bag of chips or cold watermelon after a day of swimming. If we go to our local public pool I like to pack up my super cute snack bag by Eden and Emeralds.

Typically during summer, we try to spend a lot of time at the park or just outside in general. Since I never know if we’ll have an impromptu trip to the park, I keep a bag packed and in the back of my car with any items we might need. I keep everything packed in the great Lands End bag I got for Christmas. I love it because it has lots of pockets and I can reach in and grab what I need without having to dig.

• Bottled water – no dehydrated kiddos on my watch!

• Sunscreen – that’s a no brainer.

• Sunglasses – I’m a firm believer in sunglasses anytime we’re outside. ESPECIALLY here in west Texas.

Bug spray – skeeta bites are the worst!

• Muslin blanket – great for impromptu picnics, car naps, napkins, or a shade for the car.

• Sanitizer wipes – scored some Target brand Wet One wipes that are perfect for the car or wiping little hands down after we leave the park!

• Extra change of clothes – shorts, t-shirt, undies, cheap flip flops. My kid is the first one to find a muddy puddle or hole to dig in so we’re usually switching SOMETHING out.

South Padre Island Schlitterbahn 2019

Above all, remember to have fun. Go splash in the water with your kiddos. Teach them the proper cannonball technique and how to do a handstand in the water. Summer is about having fun and enjoying being outside with the ones you love

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