In March 2020, the entire planet was given lemons. All of us. From one day to the next, life as we knew it changed. What caused the world wide lemon feast??


It all (apparently) started in China. Somebody captured an animal (thought to be a bat) carrying the disease and sold it in a wild animal market. From there, mayhem ensued.

Schools closed. Churches closed. Malls closed. Disneyland closed. Only “essential businesses” could remain open and two words resonated through the streets.


Stay home. Another phrase widely used was social distancing. People couldn’t go to work. We couldn’t go to the park, out to lunch, no Target runs… NOTHING.


Lemons. Life had turned into a big sour stinking lemon… nobody knew how long we had to stay quarantined. We just knew we had to stay away from others. That’s when it happened… kids came home from universities, everything was cancelled and families were forced to be together. Nobody could leave so the hustle and bustle that was everyday life quickly changed.

And from lemons we have lemonade.

Families started working on projects together. We were forced to eat dinners together at the dinner table. Some people even had theme dinners. Parents suddenly had to home school their own children and yes it was crazy and a HUGE learning curve, people survived. Families that were always so busy and always going in a million different directions all at once had no choice but to be together all the time… and it was good.

Today we went to go do a grocery and H-E-B pick up. I always feel sad for Isla because I know she wants to get out and explore the stores with us. She eagerly asks, “Mommy, when people aren’t sick, can I go into target??” So a way to make it fun is have a picnic. Most restaurants are still up and running with a curbside/pick up service. We get our food, drive to a nice shady spot, and enjoy our lunch in the fresh spring air. Today was no exception and it was so nice.

Ready for lunch! Thanks Texas Roadhouse!
Texas Roadhouse lunch complete with hot rolls and cinnamon butter.
Tino is always such a good sport
Our first picnic last week. The weather was so nice and we had to go to run an errand in a neighboring town so we parked under a tree and ate outside. Rosas burritos are life

With everything in the world that is happening, humans have found a way to make the very best of the situation we found ourselves in. Families are closer, life has slowed down, and we’re still happy.

Life handed us all a big bag of stinky lemons but we all managed to dust ourselves off and make some mighty fine lemonade. COVID-19 is still out there and I imagine it’s going to be around for a while but it has given us the tenacity to know that we can get through anything.

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