Tips for Shopping at Your Local JBF Sale

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the plunge and go shopping at your local Just Between Friends Sale. First off, it can be addicting so be aware. The first time I went, I was just a couple of months pregnant but when I snagged those tiny, perfect size 0 Keds Mary Janes for my little baby, I was hooked.

Size 0 Keds. I still love them. My most favorite JBF purchase of all time.

Here are a few tips for you if you’re new to the JBF Sale scene!

1. GET A SITTER – If you can leave your kiddos with Grandma for a couple of hours, do it. (Wishful thinking) Elbowing through a bunch of ladies who are pushing giant laundry baskets all over the place is stressful enough without children.

2. SHOP EARLY – JBF offers many opportunities to shop the sale early. Volunteers, consignors, first time moms, and teachers all get to shop early. It’s a little extra work but it’s definitely worth it.

3. TOSS THE PURSE – If you have a crossbody or backpack you can put on and be hands free, do it. Your hands will be full and it’s so much easier to have a small bag that’s out of the way. Keep your essentials on you and the rest in the car. You’ll thank me later.

4. INVEST IN A CART – Little tiny carts, baskets on wheels, rolling crate. Whatever they’re called, get one. If you’re a teacher, you probably have one. They’re great for not having to juggle armfuls of clothes and random decor. Last year I had a cookie jar holding on for dear life in the bag I was swinging everywhere. This year I wised up and I’m taking a laundry bin.

5. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING YOU WANT. GET IT. – Put it in your bag and go. You can always change your mind later. I saw a toy disappear before my very eyes because I hesitated. Never again. My sister and I call that NON Buyers Remorse. When you see something, hesitate, and go back only to find it gone. Worst feeling ever. Now, if I see something I like, I get it and if I change my mind, leave it at the sorting tables.

6. SORTING TABLES – These are the places you go with all of the items you grabbed, sort through them, and decide if you really want them. I usually put back about 1/3 of my items. This is a good place to inspect everything you have to make sure there are no surprise spots or fraying hems.

7. TAKE A FRIEND – If you have the opportunity to take a friend with you, do it! They’ll get to shop some amazing sales and a good friend is also a voice of reason and can talk you out of that item you just don’t need.

8. BE READY FOR MADNESS – Let’s be real. Women bargain shopping in a kid free space, it can get real crazy, real quick. Be polite and don’t block walkways because you found a friend and decided to chat it up. Many times I’ve had to abandon items I wanted because people want to reunite in front of the clothing. Keep on moving, be courteous of others, and respect the sale. It’s gonna get busy but it can be a fun experience.

9. KNOW WHAT YOURE LOOKING FOR – Shopping with so many women in a place where there is sooo much of everything can be a little overwhelming. If you go in with a game plan of knowing what you hope to find can help you stay a little extra focused while you look at all the items. It’s very easy to get swallowed up in the racks and racks of clothing so I highly recommend writing a list if you’re looking for something specific.

10. ENJOY IT! – JBF sale comes twice a year so enjoy it while it’s here. Take your time, check out all the zones, and even give certain areas more than one walk through. You might spot something you missed the first time!

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