There’s No Place Like Home

24 hours after the longest road trip we’ve ever taken, it’s safe to say we are still in recovery mode.

I need a vacation from my vacation.

Just to throw this out there, anytime we are planning to be out of town I always try to make sure there’s a 24 hour period of us being home before having to jump back into the real world. Just a day to unpack and get vacation laundry washed.

Not the case this time. Not the case at all. In fact, my car is still full of luggage and nonsense. Today was crazy.

So, back to the drive home.

We woke up bright and early and hit the road around 7 AM. It wasn’t bad at all. I’m just not much of a morning person so it took every ounce of strength to pull myself out of the warm hotel bed and into the chilly Missouri morning.

Shenanigans at 6:30 AM

One thing I was surprised about was the complete lack of traffic. It was nice to ride along and enjoy the sights along the quiet highway home.

We got to see the actual Route 66 while we were driving and I actually thought it was pretty cool to see. I know it can be lame to some and the biggest reference I have for it is the Pixar movie Cars, HOWEVER, I thought it was pretty cool to see. Maybe we’ll drive a chunk of it for vacation when Isla is bigger and doesn’t have to be buckled and unbuckled by an adult.

Around hour 6 of our drive we decided to stop for gas. Little did we know, we would be gassing up on Route 66 and find a cool BBQ place to have lunch. Complete with life size metal Sasquatch!

The Butcher BBQ Stand in Wellston, OK is the real deal. If you’re ever around there, I highly recommend filling up your belly with some of their delicious food. Everything we ate was delicious and the baked beans tasted like apple pie. WHAT. Yes! So good!

Not my picture
Inside pic. From what I gather, they’ve recently added walls.
Our lunch! They put everybody’s food on one giant tray and gave us Twinkies for dessert. Yes, please!

After a photoshoot by ole Sasquatch, we decided it was time to load up and keep on going. Overall, a 15 hour in one day drive wasn’t TOO bad.

I’d do it again! Where should we go next??

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