Road Trip 2020

We kicked off our year with an adventure on the road!

Tino’s dear friend, Malachi, married the love of his life and we had the wonderful pleasure of being there to celebrate with them.

Malachi and his family lived in Texas for several years while his dad was preaching at a local church. Tino and Malachi became friends in middle school and are still very close, even after they moved back to Arkansas.

We decided our best option would be to drive the stretch from West Texas to Branson, Mo. In case your not sure how far that is, it’s about 750 miles (11 hours not including stops).

Our original plan was to wake up bright and early Thursday and drive all day long. That changed when Tino got out of work early on Wednesday and we decided to leave for Oklahoma City that night.

Lunch at Braum’s!

Safe to say she liked it!

After lunch at Braum’s, we continued on the last leg of our journey to Branson!

The last 4 hours of the drive passed in a blink. It’s amazing how quickly the time passes when you get to look out the window and see trees and hills, amiright??

Thursday night Malachi, the best man/brother Micah, the other groomsman from Texas, and us all got together to go bowling and enjoy dinner and the always delicious, Steak and Shake. There we closed out the night telling stories of middle school and high school. They introduced Malachi to the amazing world of podcasts, Tom Segura, and even just stood there laughing because they (Tino and Corbin) couldn’t look at each other without laughing. I don’t get it, but that’s okay. They did and that’s all that matters.

Friday we got ready to go to Harrison, Ark and have lunch with “The Texas Group.” Another one of Tinos buddy’s was in the wedding, too, so they all got to reconnect and enjoy each others company.

I’ve lived in West Texas my whole entire life so getting to have lunch in a lovely home that over looks a misty valley is something you try to soak in before you have to go.

Lunch with the Melton Family. What a beautiful view!

That night was the rehearsal where we got to sit around and tell stories about the bride and groom. We finished off the night by gathering around the couple and praying blessings into their new life together.

On Saturday we hit the ground running. The wedding was at 2 o’clock and groomsmen had to be there at noon. (That means Isla and I had to be dressed and glammed up by 11:30. Jesus take the wheel.)

The wedding was beautiful. It was held at the Sycamore Creek Family Ranch in Branson. They have a romantic barn that overlooks a grassy meadow. The wedding was inside the barn so despite the 25° icefall happening outside, the wedding went off without a hitch.

Malachi’s dad, Bill, married the couple and through tears and all the love in his heart, he was thrilled to unite them as husband and wife.

We cried. We laughed. We danced until we couldn’t stand upright anymore and sent the newlyweds on their merry way. It was a wonderful and perfect day to get married.

My forever wedding date

“The Texas Group”

We were sad to have to leave the very next day. Until then, we anxiously await the next time we get to visit the Melton Family and the lovely hills of Missouri and Arkansas.

Congrats Mal and Morgan!

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