Back in January somebody gave us a dog. She was a two year old Shih Tzu named Gracie. She was adventurous and playful. She and Isla were instant friends.

There was one thing about Gracie though… she was a runner. If the gate/door had the tiniest gap, she was going to get out and there was no catching her. Once you got her home she would act like nothing was wrong and all was good.

We loved her.

The day we got her, we made regular appointments with a groomer to keep her clean and groomed. She was ours and we wanted her to look nice.

Gracie loved to play fetch and eat cheese. She kept me company on my late cookie nights and cuddled with Isla while she slept. Always happy to greet us and get her ears scratched.

Gracie was a good dog.

One day I was hustling to get our day started and get Isla to pre-school. I let Gracie out in the back to enjoy the sunny morning while I went to the eye dr. What I didn’t know was the day before the wind had blown the back gate open and left a small gap. Big enough for Gracie to get through. She wasn’t out for long when she was struck by a vehicle on a busy road. Before she was hit, she had been spotted running and somebody tried to catch her but was unable to. By the time the person was able to come back and try again, Gracie had been hit and was laying in the road. Her collar had been knocked off and was laying up ahead.

Our sweet girl was picked up and brought to the house and that evening we buried her. We chose a spot where the bright West Texas sunset will shine on the small plaque have hanging by where she is buried.

We didn’t have her for very long but she worked her way into our hearts and we are incredibly saddened by the loss. Hopefully, we will be able to get another dog to have and love but none will ever take the place of our sweet Gracie Girl.

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