Hot Waters

I talk a lot about how I love Disneyland and it’s my favorite place on earth. (You’ll hear all about that later). Well– that’s a lie. It’s my grandmas house. Who doesn’t love going to that familiar place that seems to be stuck in time? Where everything looks the same, smells the same, and sounds the same. THAT is the best place in the world.

I was really young when my grandma (moms mom) died. My Grandma Lenche (len-chee) or Esperanza died right before I started 5th grade so my memories are few. I remember going over after church and getting either fresh biscuits or fresh tortillas. I loved it. That was my favorite place to be.

My other favorite place was, of course, my other grandmas house. Duh! The only problem there was that abuelitas house was 800+ miles away. You see, my dad was born in a large town called Aguascalientes (translated: Hot Waters), in the state of Aguascalientes Mexico. We’re talking approximately 900,000 people. My hometown barely tips the scale at 17,000ish.

Aguascalientes map courtesy of Wikipedia

Zooming in for a closer look at the state…

Photo from Google

This is where my dad grew up and lived until he was 19. Moving 800 miles away from home and starting a family in a whole new place is huge. It also meant, for us, that going to grandmas house wasn’t exactly over the river and through the woods. Seeing them happens every 5 years or so. More if we’re lucky but that’s the average.

Even though I don’t get to go very often… I still love going. The smell of tortillas cooking at the restaurants nearby, the heavy metal doors with the windows that open, the open sky in the middle of the house… I love it. That’s where my family is and that’s home for a part of me. Its my favorite place in the whole wide world.

Why am I going on and on about this?? Who. Cares. Well– in exactly one month we’re packing up and flying south of the border! My abuelito is turning 90 and we’re going to celebrate with him. My brother, sister, Isla, and me will be going for 6 days and I. Can’t. Wait. The countdown has officially begun!

Stay with me while next posts about the trip will be packing suitcases, carry ons, and whatever else I’ll need. I’ve never flown with Isla without Tino so I’m anxious to see how this will go. Wish us luck!


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