Howdy Y’all!

Is there a more fitting intro title? Considering I’m not only from the great state of Texas, I am from an area we call West Texas (aka the desert) so yes “Howdy Y’all!” is entirely appropriate.

A few things you should know about us desert dwellers are:

• We are absolutely proud of being from Texas

• We take burritos VERY seriously

• You will never convince us that burritos are tacos. THEY’RE NOT.

• It’s hot here (100°+ in the summer) so it’s always likely that we are around some type of body of water.

• Everything is bigger here. Hair, purses, trucks, attitudes, etc…

• We’re friendly! Hence Texas is called “The Friendly State”

You’ll learn more as time goes on but I gave you the basics of what you need to know so you’ll understand why I’m talking about Fresh Mex Cocina or driving to the nearest pool.

Photo Credit: Natalie Jurado

Moving on…

Here’s a little background on myself. My name is Natalie. Natalie Jurado. I also didn’t mean that in a “Bond, James Bond” way but that’s how it came out.

I’m from a small small town in West Texas. If you look at a map and see the corner where New Mexico snuggles right up against Texas… that’s where I’m at. I’ve lived here all my life and really can’t imagine myself living anywhere else. I love it here. The sackers at the grocery store still carry out your groceries to your car and load them up, Friday night football is a huge deal (Friday Night Lights happened right up the street), and there are real cowboys who take their hat off when they greet you. This place is heaven.

I grew up here and got married to somebody who has exceeded all expectations I ever had in a husband. You’ll hear more about him as time goes on… but that’s kind of where the story starts. Life for me was an adventure when I was young. As a teen/young adult I was always willing to drop everything and go. Then life happened and I found the person my soul was searching for and it was time to grow up and get a real job. Time to learn how to be a wife and that adventure began almost 7 years ago (10.22.2011). Suddenly I had somebody to be on this adventure with and it was AWESOME. Not was… IS. It IS awesome. We worked and it was just the two of us. I started my job as a Family Service Worker for Head Start in 2012 and after a 1 year hiatus I came back and picked up where I left off. I loved my job. I was there for 6 years and I loved it. Everyday was an adventure. I had my baby in March 2016 but had to keep working. So I know and am very familiar with the whole “working mom” gig. Those ladies have my 100% support and respect (Shoutout Sister and Emalee). After 2 long years of being a working mom things changed BIG TIME and my husband told me that things were wonderful with his job and I could now stay home. And so a new adventure began as a stay at home mom. Also, a new respect for stay at home moms. This is NOT for the faint at heart (Shoutout Jerica). After 6 years of helping kids and families in West Texas I was finally able to stay home with my daughter.

My new adventure began in February 2018 and here I am today. Fresh out of summer fun and onto the next thing. With my daughter, Isla (eye-luh), in tow we are out and about with new things happening everyday. This is a whole new world for both of us! Join us as we go explore, learn, dance, and (weather permitting) swim through our days here in the Lone Star State.

Y’all come back, now!!

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