Welcome y’all!


Well hello! Thanks for coming by! My blog is a work in progress so click around, read some stories, look at pictures and enjoy your time. I like to write about life, motherhood, organizing, family, and all the adventures that come along with being a full time mommy to a BUSY 3 year old.



Eats for Littles (1)I like to make cute lunches for my daughter. Find me on Instagram @EatsForLittles. While I worked for Head Start for 6 years as a Family Service Worker I had the opportunity to learn about nutrition for children. During that time I took some classes and got lots of wonderful info from our local WIC office.  It was then that I realized how fascinating I found food for littles. When I finally had the opportunity to make lunches for my daughter I was SO EXCITED. So now, I make cute lunches and share them with the world! Enjoy! (Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!)



I moonlight as the local cookie lady. Find me on Facebook (LunaCookies) and Instagram@LunaCookiesTX. When my daughter was an itty bitty baby I decided that I needed to add to our household income. ASIDE from having a 40 hour work week and a baby under 1, I did what was best for our family and learned a new skill. My sister took me under her wing and taught me the tricks of the cookie trade and I couldn’t be more thankful. 3 years later and I have a booming cookie co.


I try to post at least once a week but for daily updates you can find me on Facebook or Instagram @natalie.jurado